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July 29 - Aug 7 

Thursday, July 29th: 2:30pm–3:00pm | 4:45pm–5:15pm | 7:00pm–7:30pm
Friday, July 30th: 2:30pm–3:00pm | 4:45pm–5:15pm | 7:00pm–7:30pm
Saturday, July 31st: 12:15pm–12:45pm | 2:30pm–3:00pm | 4:45pm–5:15pm | 7:00pm–7:30pm
Sunday, August 1st: 12:15pm–12:45pm | 2:30pm–3:00pm | 4:45pm–5:15pm | 7:00pm–7:30pm
Monday, August 2nd: 5:00pm–5:30pm | 6:30pm–7:00pm | 8:00pm8:30pm
Tuesday, August 3rd: 5:00pm–5:30pm | 6:30pm–7:00pm | 8:00pm–8:30pm
Wednesday, August 4th: 5:00pm–5:30pm | 6:30pm–7:00pm | 8:00pm–8:30pm
Thursday, August 5th: 5:00pm–5:30pm | 6:30pm–7:00pm | 8:00pm–8:30pm
Friday, August 6th: 3:15pm–3:45pm | 5:30pm–6:00pm | 7:45pm–8:15pm
Saturday, August 7th:
1:00pm–1:30pm | 3:15pm–3:45pm | 5:30pm–6:00pm | 7:45pm–8:15pm


CowTown USA is an interactive dairy barn experience where people of all ages can try their hand at milking a cow. Visit their old-time creamery to see how “home-made” butter and ice cream were made – just the way grandma used to do it!