Rodeos & Bull Rides


Click here for ESPN video coverage of one of the biggest annual college rodeos hosted by the Husker Rodeo Team in Pavilion 4 at Lancaster Event Center (April 18, 2015).


Lancaster Event Center has space perfect for rodeos and bull rides. Our Facility is specifically designed to cater to the needs of livestock events with wash racks, large safe stalls and plenty of room for your animals to exercise.

Whether your event involves show ring exhibition, driving, packing, rodeo or other activities, we are equipped to support you. Choose from these five arenas with show offices and on-grounds cafes/snack bars available:


Pavilion 1

80,850 square feet with 67,500 square foot concrete surface and (70’ x 200’) dirt arena with up to 400 Livestock Stalls


Pavilion 2

Primary stalling barn with 80,850 square feet with 11,000 square foot concrete surface and (70' x 200') dirt arena with up to 382 Livestock Stalls


Pavilion 3

Arena barn with 72,657 square feet with 15,000 square foot concrete surface and (115' x 220') dirt arena with 64 Livestock Stalls and 6 bucking chutes, 8 backing stalls with a single alley and available outdoor back pens


Pavilion 4

Our largest show arena with 87,596 square feet with 31,220 square foot concrete surface perfect for vendors and bleachers and (125' x 300') dirt arena with up to 99 Livestock Stalls


Multi-Purpose Arena

Our original, cozy arena building with 36,500 square feet with 10,500 square foot concrete surface and (125' x 250') dirt arena



Once you've found the space that fits your needs, make a reservation request to host your next livestock show at the Lancaster Event Center. We look forward to customizing a package just for you. Come let the good times grow!



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