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A Message from Ag Society Board to Lancaster County 4-H Families & Extension Board/Staff,

As your Ag Society Board we wanted to thank each of you for your part in a successful 2017 Super Fair where your participation was strong across the board and we are happy to report public attendance was up 17% as well. Congratulations on all your hard work and we are proud as a volunteer, elected board to support your efforts in one of the largest 4-H county fairs in the USA.

We wanted you to be the first to know that the board voted in our last monthly meeting to set the 2018 fair dates as the four days of Thursday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 5th. The schedule on these days will be nearly identical as what has been the first four days of the fair for many years with the focus to be on what has always been the core of our county fair—the 4-H days. After trying to offer an additional six days with open class competitions since 2010, the public has let us know loud and clear that their favorite part of the fair are the 4-H days, so we are going back to concentrate on those days and make them better than ever.

As we do this, we want to make sure the fair is not only a challenging learning experience for our 4-H’ers but also a fun, memorable experience for our 4-H families as well. We’ll always be looking for more ways to involve you in the planning, getting ready for and running the fair as is the tradition of county fairs across Nebraska and the USA. Please reach out to any of us or LEC staff with any ideas or suggestions anytime— click here for our board and staff list.

Thanks again for your participation in the Lancaster County Super Fair which, yes, will still be “super” during its four days due to all your efforts and success!



Ron Dowding


O 402.441.6545 (LEC office)

C 402.580.9199 (to reach Ron)

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get it to Ron


Ag Society Revamps Super Fair

State Quarantine Release


We were sorry to hear this week that race horses have been confirmed to have been infected with the EHV-1 virus at Fonner Park in Grand Island, NE. See press release from Nebraska State Veterinarian, Dr. Dennis Hughes, for more information on this outbreak on their website

LEC Equine Biosecurity Actions

In addition to keeping our facility as clean as possible between and during horse shows, the Lancaster Event Center has been actively disinfecting our equine facilities between and during horse shows since April 2014. In addition to spraying all group areas (aisles, arenas, walkways, doorways) and making smaller bottles of Nixall available for purchase to horse owners, we also disinfect EVERY stall top to bottom (floor, walls, bars) between shows. We continue to use the highly recommended, natural, safe & effective disinfectant used in many horse facilities, called Nixall (you can find more information at Attached below are photos of our disinfection process. This is a large investment of supplies, manpower and time, as you can imagine, but we believe strongly it is important to all our guests and equine shows.

LEC Upcoming Horse Shows

Visitors will also find unique foods offered each year only for the Nebraska Power Farm Show including three Austin Blues BBQ stands, and a new home-style Farmer’s Buffet with two meat choices and hot sides changing daily, and a salad and soup bar. The entire Lancaster Event Center crew will be getting the grills out to serve their famous Farm Show Steak Sandwich or homemade Beef Brisket with their Signature Sauce.

What Horse Owners Can Do

We encourage horse owners to keep vigilant on your own horse’s health as you travel (working with your own vet on vaccinations, monitoring temperature, etc.) and stay informed about the EHV-1 virus. The Nebraska State Vet has just updated this message for horse owners as of April 19, 2016:

“Important Notice to Horse Owners:

Nebraska has not implemented any additional commerce or import requirements on horse movement at this time. This status could change, and it would be prudent for horse owners to check this website prior to their date of travel to check for update.

NDA encourages all horse producers to follow biosecurity measures on their operations, including: requiring individuals to wash their hands before and after contact with each horse; disinfect boots and change clothes that come into contact with horses other than your own; isolate horses returning from shows or events for 2-3 weeks.”

Many more documents and helpful information can be found at the NE State Vet’s web site:

Please contact your horse show promoter if you have further questions and we encourage horse show promoters to
contact us at the LEC or the Nebraska State Vet with any further questions.

Statement from Nixall: Only EPA disinfectant that will kill all the CDC superbugs and is Non-Toxic to animals and humans! The US Marines and the University of Oregon have shown that the active ingredient in Nixall is 100 times more effective than bleach. See for more information.


This Lancaster Event Center memo is for informational purposes only. The document information was drawn from a variety of reputable sources and attention to detail was taken in preparation, however, the Lancaster County Agricultural Society and the Lancaster Event Center offer no guaranty of completeness or effectiveness of the recommendations and protocols for achieving infection control at equine events.



About the Lancaster Event Center

The Lancaster Event Center is located on the east side of Lincoln, Nebraska and known as the Midwest’s premier multi-use facility and home of the Lancaster County Super Fair and over 270 other events annually. Key features include 400,000 square feet across five inter-connected buildings, full catering and food/beverage service, 200-site campground, 160-acre fairgrounds with ample, convenient parking. Founded in 2001 by the Lancaster County Agricultural Society, the Lancaster Event Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit is a key contributor to the county’s youth, culture and economy by providing a professional, friendly and fun event experience while showcasing the unique agricultural heritage of Lancaster County. For additional information, visit or call 402-441-6545.